Chronicle of AnthillHacks ’19

Quick intro

AnthillHacks has been held since 2015. It was for 9 days during the Summer of 2015. Then annually for 2–3 days. In 2019 it achieved 2 weeks!

The AnthillHacks ’19 camp venue (Yatri Nivas) and view. Photo Credits: Dipti
Our tents at foothills of Devarayanadurga hills. Photo Credits: Dipti
AnthillHacks ’19 our camp participants & volunteers. Photo Credits: Janastu team

“Winter is here and so is AnthillHacks, the second edition of the winter school atop Devarayanadurga from 07-20 Dec 2019.”

Spotlight on AnthillHacks by Alekhya Daspet
The camp site at Anterras while having discussions over tea. Photo Credits: Dinesh

Settling in & The unconference

Day 01

The first thing I noticed was all the tents that’s been setup on a field and creating spaces. It looked so cool! We had a few interesting sessions.

Pitching tents. Photo Credits: Janastu team
Follow the sheep talk by Dipti. Photo Credits: Janastu team

Day 02

From Buffalo herding to heritage and bio-diversity treks.

Buffalo herding to heritage. Photo Credits: Nikki
Bio-diversity treks. Photo Credits: Nikki
Crafts workshops. Photo Credits: Janastu team

Day 03

Every morning before a session begins, Prabir Chitrakar a traditional scroll from West Bengal sings the song associated with the story in the scroll. watch the video

Prabhir Chitrakar painting and song. Photo Credits: Nikki
Apps for Work: Oppression and Opportunity talk by Pradyumna. Photo Credits: Dinesh
Uma about her life stories. Photo Credits: Janastu team
  • Watch the summaries here.
Maaya software to make an A/V presentation.

Day 04

Community Networks — Nico

LibreRouter: the why? by Nicolás Pace
Radio van van. Photo Credits: Janastu team
School students recording and editing the audio programmes. Photo Credits: Janastu team
The media-making space in the community radio. Photo Credits: Janastu team
Camp fire & Music at Iruway farm. Photo Credits: Janastu team

Day 05

Organic Colors. Making and playing — Harshita

Organic Colors by Harshita. Photo Credits: Janastu team
Data privacy by Ram. Photo Credits: Janastu team
Shreyas on Bidar and orality. Photo Credits: Janastu team
Celebration of the full moon night. Photo Credits: Janastu team

Day 6–8 (CNX)

The journey of the third edition of Community Network Exchange (CNX) started on December 12, 2019, from Janastu base camp. There were many sessions and workshops throughout the day. Also don’t miss to watch video.

Sessions of CNX 2019 Day 1 & 2 at Janastu base camp. Photo Credits: Janastu team
Group discussion during CNX session. Photo Credits: Janastu team
IruWay Farm Map
CNX 2019 Day 3 at Protovillage. Photo Credits: Janastu team

Day 9–13

AnthillHacks School Program

One of the most important parts of AnthillHacks is its school program where AnthillHacks conduct workshops free of cost for the local school kids.

AnthillHacks School Program. Photo Credits: Janastu team.

Day 14

Wind down - tear down 😪 cleanup 🧹 and goodbyes 🖐



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